Tuesday, January 30, 2007

When this you see, remember me.

This quilt was hand-made in the late 19th or very early 20th century. Tiny scraps of colorful cottons are sprinkled over the once-white background. I imagine the maker, a woman, a surrounded by her sewing basket and a collection of fabrics saved and ready. Perhaps she sits in a great-room by a fire. She lifts each piece of cotton, turning it over and over; some are selected, others are saved for another day another quilt.
She cut the selected fabric scraps into little half-square triangles of red and blue and black. Small prints on cotton. Checks and plaids. Each little triangle is sewn by hand and it is quilted with hand stitches. If you look closely, you can see the stitches that were made with pride to keep a family warm and safe.
This quilted was was made to last.
Now here and there the dyes have run onto the white background. And in several spots the print has fallen out of or escaped from the fabric leaving only a trace, a memory of what came before. But I am not bothered by these signs of age and loving use.
This quilt wears its age with grace.

And yes, we do remember.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A frost-bound day, gray & cold, in New Hampshire . . . . temps hovering around zero.

Bits and Pieces:In email correspondence with Beate yesterday, Beate said to watch the mail for a complimentary gift of unique art. I was one of the "first five" to post a comment on her blog and thus, one of the winners. Beate, who is photographer in Dusseldorf, is also a very creative and prolific fiber artist making fabric postcards and now, mixed media art.

More email correspondence from my sister Donna, an artist living in Massachusetts, who told me that she submitted two pieces of art to the Lovely Hearts exhibit at artstream. Way to go, Girl. She and her daughter, Sarah, will attend the opening which features not only art but cocktails and chocolate. One half the proceeds of the sale of art will be donated to breast cancer research. I had an opportunity to introduce Donna to artstream co-owners, Susan and Rainer, at a fund-raising dinner in November, something I had wanted to do for a while.

Last weekend, we drove down to Templeton in Massachusetts to see a high school production of My Fair Lady. Our granddaughter, Victoria, who is a middle-schooler, was in the play. Those kids did a fabulous job of acting their little hearts out.

Victoria is one of those very special kids: she plays soccer and basketball and softball ~~ sings in the school chorus ~~ has been in three senior high school theatrical productions ~~ and, is an honor roll student.

...... an ocean storm is predicted for tonight and tomorrow.
Snow out at sea will undoubtedly cause huge sea swells.
We'll go down with cameras hopefully to record for the blog.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

. . . . .is my sister, Michelle

This image is the inside spread of a booklet I made recently celebrating my Michelle who is a writer and English professor. That is Michelle on the right side of the spread. Yes, smoking a cigar. The picture was taken during a vacation on the beach in Maine.

What a strange winter season we are experiencing here on the coast of New Hampshire: only two very small, nearly insignificant snow falls and lots and lots of days in the 30s, 40s and even some in the 50s. Today we have a clear blue sky with high winds but mild temps in the 40s.

Just yesterday, I learned that I was among the lucky first five on Beate's blog and that a unique piece of art is on its way to me. My responsibility is to put the same challenge on my blog ~~~ paying it forward, as they say. Who are 'they' anyway??? Oh well but it is a great idea and I will; I am, that is.

So, to the first five readers of my blog who post a comment, you will receive a unique piece of art from me.