Friday, March 30, 2007

Living graciously in another era
Wearing an elegant silk wrap with luxuriously long white fringe and embroidery ~~ perhaps to the opera or a ball.

Table settings with fine white linens, cutwork and lace
Dried roses and pewter

Your boudoir linens are personalized in old world script with your initials

Taking tea in fine and delicate china on lovely white linen.


This weekend Larry and I are taking the train from Exeter to Boston for the annual Boston Antiques Weekend being held in the convention center. Art, antiques, books, linens, textiles, period clothing, a fashion show and seminars ~~ and of course, all the vendors and potential for making wonderful, one-of-a-kind purchases. The exhibits and seminars are all weekend long but granddaughter, Victoria and her dad are joining us on Sunday afternoon. Larry and Michael are going to a Celtics game; Victoria and I are going to see Blue Man Group. Mostly, I am just thrilled to be spending time with my lady, Victoria. We come back home on Monday so all in all it promises to be a fine long weekend and the weather forecast is looking pretty good, too.

This is my sweet Victoria. Middle schooler, drama queen in every sense of the word, soccer & softball player, budding thespian, chorus member, honor roll student.

A special young lady.

I admit to bias.

I am entitled to brag.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cloth, Paper, Scissors
for the inspiration

The winter issue featured a sweet little project that turned paper, ephemera and bits of stuff into note pads fashioned after purses. Several weekends ago, I spent a weekend afternoon playing in my studio/playroom to see what might emerge.

In the studio, I keep a basket of paper, fabric, trim and fiber off-cuts from other projects. I also put parts of previous projects that didn't quite make it because one never knows when a piece of this or that turned on its head might be just what is needed for a new venture.

I started this project by gathering my antique and reproduction ephemera ~~ the basket of stuff, and added some new contemporary designs just for the fun of it!

As it quite obvious, this is a black and white purse using card stock for the covers and plain text weight white paper for the inside. The purse has a strap of black rick-rack.

This purse is about the same size as the one above, black with an oriental theme. The Japanese lettering came to me a paper band around fat quarter of fabric ~~ too good to let go. Along the bottom is a metallic trim from India. The feather is real. The handle is gold metallic ribbon. The inside pages are white text weight paper. I really like the look of this one.

This little purse/note pad is very tiny and is made from decorative contemporary paper.
The image is part of an antique greeting card. The handle is made of silk fibers which also embellishes her cap.
A little bottom row of lace completes the picture.
Inside pages are text weight pastel colored paper.
She might be my favorite ~~ I just love her rosy cheeks and the dove resting on her arm.

Here is another very tiny one.
The black silk cording that I used for a handle is embellished with a hand-crafted fabric bead which unfortunately did not photograph well. This was a fun project and the little note pads can be used as small gifts or favors or tucked into a card or letter.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I have a passion for collecting
Antique Linens

These are elegant white work
with cutwork and padded satin stitching
in various sizes to grace the dining table.

Old books that have been held and loved by others:

There is something wonderful about small leather volumes
that just fit in the hand or slide easily into pocket or purse.

I am fascinated by the personal inscriptions

written in spidery black ink. It must be the hidden voyeur in me.
I love period clothing, especially the Edwardian Era.
Above is a lovely child's silk cape and matching dress
in a quiet peach-y color
I am passionate about vintage ephemera
and use it in altered books and fabric postcards
Vintage China & Glass
that once graced Victorian tables.
My linens, books, clothing, china and glass have been selling at the
Poppy Seed Studio
Somersworth New Hampshire

A really fabulous little shop that features

  • the work of local and regional artisans
  • vintage clothing - hats, bags, jewelry, gowns & furs
  • unique & unusual gifts

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ah for the wearin' o' the green.

Today my world is covered in frosty white. Yesterday's winter storm blew through New Hampshire dropping about a foot of snow on the coast. The day is dark and dreary; the trees are somber in their gray/black against a stormy bleak sky.
A sweet site in my neighborhood today is a little tyke helping mom to shovel -- scratch at the snow he goes, swing high the shovel, dance a sort of jig, twirl and try to move the snow and start it all over again.
In the recent past, we moved our snow around the 'old fashioned way' -- with shovel and muscle. Last year, we became the proud owners of a snow blower/thrower. We look very x-urban like all our neighbors. A small bow to conventionality.
Not only for the wearin' of the green. At noon today, I'll start the traditional St. Paddy's Day dinner of corned beef and caggage .
Oh but my recipe (or, I humbly confess, one that I found on the net a few years ago and has become 'mine) uses beer, white beans and lots of wonderful aromatic spices. In the pot it will go to simmer slowly all afternoon infusing every corner of the house with blissful blessings. That and an apple cake. Oh heaven.

Today is for playing. In the last few months, I have been 'product-oriented' and while it has been enjoyable, it is time to play with my toys just to see what emerges.
My recent 'products' are wearable art jackets that are for sale at Poppy Seed Studio in Somersworth on the main street and owned by Sherry and Jeff Pratt two really special people. Sherry is a jewelry designer and afficionado of all things antique and collectable. Her shop is joy filled with the work of local and regional artisans, fabulous gifts, antique furniture, new and antique jewelry and vintage clothing. In Sherry's Studio are also housed some of my antique linens, some wonderful vintage books, some vintage glass and china from my collections.
Make it a great day!!