Sunday, September 07, 2008

....... from my first altered book .......

This is the cover from my first altered book. I experienced a lot of difficulty with the text block and had to sacrifice the work that went into the project. The learnings and take-aways from this project were many......among them:

1) be patient and let the project evolve;
2) be certain the text block and binding on an old book is sufficiently intact and strong enough to withstand the glue, paint, and embellishments;
3) embellish the inside cover pages -both front and back- LAST....... there will be so many more options for covering and embellishing the completed work.

Most of my work did make it into the new book but I have never figured out what to do with the cover....which I like very much.

The little squares decorating the cover are pieces of glued and painted antique lace, a fun project that produces an entirely new material. The background is home dec fabric, rather silky. And I like the framed face of the woman.....she is somehow restricted by the frame and yet her large expressive eyes are so open and curious they suggest freedom.

This page too was sacrificed.

The background is layers of paint printed with bubblewrap.

Over top of the background is painted card.

The focal points are the word 'faith' ---- a commercial piece that I cut and glued.

The little square beneath is made of fabric and fibers with a tight satin stitch border which is glued to the card beneath.

I was really sorry to lose this page.......

And think it can stand alone but I haven't put the time into figuring out how to display it......

This is my TS Eliot page based on Prufrock.

In addition to paint and paper and glue, it is embellished with sea glass, beads, fibers and more.

I am open to ideas about how to display these orphans and would welcome any suggestions.

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